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Rock Island Nature Foot Trail, Airai

Rock Island Nature Foot Trail, Airai

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Rock Island Foot Trail is

an eco-tourism hiking tour located

in the chain of rock islands in Ngerusar, Airai State.

Completed in 2009,

it is the first rock island hiking trail in Palau


The trail offers a nature hike through

a rock island forest.

It attracts abundant wildlife

and offers you a place for solitude and reflection.

Along the trail path you can see

the diversity of local rock island flora.



Encounter the many species of birds

and animals while hiking

or take time for bird watching.

In the middle of the trail you can visit

striking caves along the trail path.

At the end of the trail is one of the historical sites,

the Yapese Stone Money Quarry,

where you can see a large carved Yapese stone money

disk on the island of Metuker er a Bisech, Ngerusar.

Take a jungle trek with a well-informed guide

along the rock island trail.

A day of hiking at the rock island forest

is an experience to remember.

Airai Palau
Babeldaob Palau

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Rock Island Nature Foot Trail, Airai

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