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Chelechol er a Orrak, Airai, Babeldaob, Palau

Chelechol er a Orrak, Airai, Babeldaob, Palau

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The site contains several features that

were associated with the quarrying

of Yapese disk money.


This is an impressive site with

classic examples of activities

associated with quarrying

of the Yapese money.


Behind the beach are several caves

that contain unfinished disk money,

quarried areas, living areas, a dock,

rock alignments, and a burial cave.


Scattered shreds and flakes were

noted throughout the site.

Also associated with the site are remnants

of two stone feature which appear

to have been docks for securing water crafts.




Age of Property:

3000 – 4000 years/date obtained from burials.


Chelechol er a Orrak entered into

the Palau National Register of Historic Places

in May 2003.

Airai Palau
Babeldaob Palau

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Chelechol er a Orrak, Airai, Babeldaob, Palau

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